What is Gigabit Passive Optical Network?

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The GPONs or Gigabit Passive Optical Networks are one of the most utilized forms of the famous Passive Optical Networks (PONs). These wires are used for building internet access, digital television, and even in the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) in one of the most highly populated cities.

The same product is being used for the public Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular based stations. If you are not very knowledgeable with what GPON can do to increase the speed of ins and outs of data connection, this blog is really for you.

To describe it carefully, GPONs are one of the point-to-multi-point networks that utilizes the very popular optic cables. These are one of the most famous, stand-out-characteristics of the networks that utilizes GPONs. These wires uses the passive splitters being used in the fiber distribution network and this allows a singular feeding of fiber from the main provider to household homes and small businesses. GPONs deliver better and making tem 95% more efficient than by using a standard copper wire.

In utilizing the splitters, in creating using this GPONs, they were also able to deliver some of the best low cost solution for big companies because adding users can be very costly. These are the most preferred materials in building internet in metropolitan areas. In addition to these, the GPONs will be able to support almost all of the widely used Ethernet protocols. For the added security, they are able to use one of the most Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

For us to be able to paint a very good picture on how the rest of the GPON works, these very good connection of networks were mostly made up of the optical line terminals (OLT) and also the Optical Network Unit (ONU) and there’s also a need for a splitter that will effectively divide the signal whenever necessary.

GPONs are very ideal to be used for some of the networks when utilized for some of the multiple separated buildings or points. They are were able to give the end user some of the consolidation of the multiple services into one big fiber network that gives of 2.5GB’s of downstream data. GPON can also effectively increase the bandwidth size while reducing some of the big costs that comes with the infrastructure. It also deliveres a wide range of good benefits.

The most recent version of GPON are consisted of 10-Gigabit iterations that are initially called XGPON or 10G-PON. These effectively support the ever increasing demand for the faster speeds that are able to manage a good variety of influx of some of the high-definition data.