Your American Made Electronics Enclosure and Its Advantages

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On our recent visit to the wonderful place of Philadelphia, the Operations Manager of the company I work made a stop to a very known store: the Humphrey’s Flags. This flagship store was formed and founded in the 1800s and it is now located directly located across from a famous store back then – Bets Ross’s house.

Is not that wonderful and perfect? It seems like she just ran across the street and decided to open a shop after she made the first American flag. Our operations manager just purchased an American flag and decided to hang in this in our plant. For him, it is a proud symbolism that our products are proudly American made.

This has started a conversation with many loyal and global shoppers that are into different available shopping options. Between ordering products online and global trade options, it is very hard to determine and know where the products are being currently manufactured. Also, it is hard to know where you will buy the product from.

There are companies that are product to say that 97% or majority of their products are all American made. We just had a factory that are located outside Cleveland, Ohio. Beside a growing town on the shores of lake erie.

Recently, the employment is now up and we are still continuing to invest in a plant and equipment that are designed to handle the additional growth of the company since 2011. Since our founding last 1951, our company’s product lines have already matured and they have already changed according to the customers’ needs. Our products can provide you a very good support regarding the enclosure design and other needs in the long haul. And for the next 60 years, our company will still be supporting the design of some plastic electronics enclosures.

Most of our products are now still being manufactured in our main facility.

Our company’s customization services are being produced and shipped from our location to make sure that the customer will only get the best quality. Our engineering, quality, productions and operations management team are all located under one roof to bring you the best quality of designs of plastic electronics enclosure. This is also done to make sure that the enclosure quality is well maintained across all each step of the production process. You can be rest assured that our company stands behind our products.

Reasonable Quantities for Enclosure Products

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Throughout my life, Christmas has been my favorite season of the year. I love to snuggle and wear oversized sweaters, curl myself in very furry blanket, and do a ton of shopping for gifts. This season, also the people are much nicer! Or is it because this is just the season of giving that’s why everyone is so nice?

One of my fondest Christmas memory is of my mom. After having a furious frenzy of opening my Christmas parents, the result is having a room full of shredded wrapping paper, torned cardboard boxes, and gifts that are all stacked & became as tall as I do. My mom just gazed around the room with a very frustrated look because of all the mess.

She just raised a finger and put it on the tip of her nose, then he pointed around the room. Carefully inspecting and reviewing the presents that I just opened. After a few minutes, she gasped, ran outside of the room and she came back with arms full of shopping bags. She suddenly shouted, “I forgot some presents!”

I was still a child when this happened and I do not remember why what kind of presents are those but I do remember her facial expression. She was really excited to give me those gifts. However, this year, we decided to limit our spending budget and just give more thoughts on what we should give to each other.

With this gift memory of mine, I reminded recently of the article I have read while doing some research about a company’s enclosure customization services. The article was all about how a company was proud to have an additional CNC machining and printing on the master list of their services in some reasonable quantities. It popped up a question in my mind, “what exactly is a reasonable quantity?”

During my childhood, my family decided to buy 4 gifts to each person. For me this is fairly reasonable given our family history and what we do during the previous Christmas seasons, but to other people or families this might be too excessive. Especially to people who don’t even consider Christmas as a reason for celebration.

With this in mind, there are enclosure manufacturing companies that offers no minimum order quantity for electronic enclosure. It depends on the user if they want just 1 piece or if they want 5000 pieces. Just send the company a quote of your enclosure design to determine the sepcification that you will need.

Naming Engineer Materials Using Artificial Intelligence Part 1

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There is an instance where applying a little bit of stain to a semi-conductor piece or other crystalline material can bring deformity of the orderly management of atomic structure in it. This is enough to cause very different and dramatic changes in its properties and it can also affect the way it conducts electricity, transfer light, or transfer heat. 

Today, a new team of researchers located in MIT, Russia, and Singapore has discovered ways on how to use artificial intelligence in determining and having control of the changes in the chemical framework and how it can possibly open up new ways of researching on advanced materials used for engineering works. 

The recent research was done by Suresh, Dao, and Yang Lu, a former MIT postdoc now at the City University of Hong Kong, has shown that the diamond – the hardest and strongest material that is naturally found in nature – can also be elastically stretched as much as 9% without breaking it. It can only be done when it is in the form of nanometer-sized needs. The researchers showed that the nanoscale wires of silicon can also be stretched elastically by more than 15%. These said discoveries have a paved way of opening up new possible ways of exploring how devices can be made that can bring dramatic and possible changes in certain materials’ properties. 

The other ways of changing the chemical structure of a material’s properties called chemical doping – which results in a permanent, static change on the material. However, strain engineering allows the changes to the properties on the fly. “Strain is something you can turn on and off dynamically,” Li said. 

The possibility of potentials showed by the strain-engineered materials has been prevented by the wide range of different possibilities. Strain can be applied by using six different ways and in infinite gradations of a certain degree. This range is so full that it can show possibilities almost impractical to explore just by simply doing a trial and error. “It quickly grows to 100 million calculations if we want to map out the entire elastic strain space,” Li said. Strains can be also applied in three various dimensions and each of the dimension can result to strain in and out or sideways. 

This is the reason why the researcher’s team novel application of different machine learning methods came in aid of this dilemma. This system of methodology gives a more systematic way of exploring different materials and giving in the appropriate amount of strain to get the ideal set of properties that are meant for specific purposes. This methodology is having a very high-accuracy method that can greatly lessen the complexity of the different calculations needed. 

This new method can possibly give new ways and possibilities of creating materials that are being precisely tuned for electronic, optoelectronic, and photonic devices that can find use in different industrial purposes such as communication, information processing, and different energy applications.