The Latest Innovation Electronic Enclosures: A Pocket-Sized Enclosures for USB Applications

While a lady walks her dog one day, she came across her nearby neighbor with her new puppy. Knowing that the puppy is only 4 months old, one cannot deny her flufyness. You can see the super cuteness in its big face: big eyes, feathery fur, and stunted snout. However, its cute legs were probably short about 4 inches long. The lady came up to her neighbor and said “wow! I was amazed on how impact and adorable your puppy is!” However, to her surprise the dog has already achieved its optimum size.

The lady’s jaw was about to drop, good thing her 50 pound behemoth stopped her on what she was about to do but her dog keeps on dragging her to the small and adorable cute dog in front of her. Her dog thinks it’s a chew to by the way. This lady kept her thinking, “what should be my next dog will be?” Also, it made her wonder what is with the small dogs that people are stopped on their tracks when they see one? What is in the tiny that makes them cute and adorable?

What item is better than being tiny? In the electronics world, most of the sales person will gladly tell you that tiny is small but very useful. As we all know the majority of the electronic devices that were being released today (phones, gaming consoles, music players, televisions) are getting more and more compact than its previous models and counterparts. However, the capabilities are not toned down because even if the devices are getting more compact, the capability of these products increases. Even the computers are starting to get hip in having their models in compact sizes. One of the smallest craze going around the electronics world today are USB ports because they become the amazing standard for any peripheral computer equipment and devices.

For the design engineers out there, where do you usually get the case to install your USB case product in? Of course in the enclosure manufacturing companies.

Some of the companies’ pocket-sized enclosures are specifically designed for some USB applications. They are initially molded in some of the most durable and flame self-exitinguishing plastic material. The features of the enclosure include some of the smooth and textured surface with some of the recesses. These can be seen in both halves and there was one time that there is space saved because there is a 3 piece snap together design. There are USB enclosures that are available in gray and clear, the USB plastic enclosure series is a very effective way in creating a number of useful electronic uses. Since we most of the engineers know that the flammability ratings are crucial to our end use, we made sure that the new line for the enclosures has higher ratings. The Gray enclosures are widely available in ABS material that comes with the rating of UL94-HB. While the other clear enclosures are being made and molded in polycarbonate with the rating of UL94-V0.