Your American Made Electronics Enclosure and Its Advantages

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On our recent visit to the wonderful place of Philadelphia, the Operations Manager of the company I work made a stop to a very known store: the Humphrey’s Flags. This flagship store was formed and founded in the 1800s and it is now located directly located across from a famous store back then – Bets Ross’s house.

Is not that wonderful and perfect? It seems like she just ran across the street and decided to open a shop after she made the first American flag. Our operations manager just purchased an American flag and decided to hang in this in our plant. For him, it is a proud symbolism that our products are proudly American made.

This has started a conversation with many loyal and global shoppers that are into different available shopping options. Between ordering products online and global trade options, it is very hard to determine and know where the products are being currently manufactured. Also, it is hard to know where you will buy the product from.

There are companies that are product to say that 97% or majority of their products are all American made. We just had a factory that are located outside Cleveland, Ohio. Beside a growing town on the shores of lake erie.

Recently, the employment is now up and we are still continuing to invest in a plant and equipment that are designed to handle the additional growth of the company since 2011. Since our founding last 1951, our company’s product lines have already matured and they have already changed according to the customers’ needs. Our products can provide you a very good support regarding the enclosure design and other needs in the long haul. And for the next 60 years, our company will still be supporting the design of some plastic electronics enclosures.

Most of our products are now still being manufactured in our main facility.

Our company’s customization services are being produced and shipped from our location to make sure that the customer will only get the best quality. Our engineering, quality, productions and operations management team are all located under one roof to bring you the best quality of designs of plastic electronics enclosure. This is also done to make sure that the enclosure quality is well maintained across all each step of the production process. You can be rest assured that our company stands behind our products.